Our body, like us in our daily lives, tends to accumulate toxins that need to be cleaned periodically. Seasonal changes are the best time to detoxify your body as it undergoes changes and impacts due to weather, food or routine changes.

The body has to detoxify it out of necessity, because we accumulate an excess of toxins and we have to help it expel them, especially after the holidays. With a timely cleaning of our internal organism, we can avoid colds or seasonal flu. In this way we will maintain an ideal performance in our routine.

The experience of working in our Center for Detoxification and Treatment of Addictions with people with addiction problems like you, has taught us to clearly identify the core of the problem that leads you to use. Our job is to make it easier for you to know both the reasons for your addiction and those that will facilitate its resolution.

The addiction is a symptom, therefore our efforts are directed to know the real causes behind your consumption. We help you reconnect to your life, your family, your job, in short, to what you want most.

There is a way out. We can help

Discover our individualized treatments. At all times you will have a highly professional and multidisciplinary team with a great human warmth. Our treatment is focused on you and the goals you want to achieve. For us it is essential to respect your times and to set goals that you can gradually achieve.

We focus on your needs and the positive aspects of your abilities as a human being to help you find and overcome the causes that lead you to consume. We are not just another centre.

What is treatment?

In our Centre for Detoxification and Treatment of Addictions we carry out a diagnosis of the real causes that have led you to consume, after which we draw up a treatment plan appropriate to your situation as a unique and individual person. We offer you the best medical, psychotherapeutic and socio-educational tools, with the aim of acquiring the necessary skills to stop using drugs.

Is there a health staff?

We put at your disposal an experienced staff in the medical, psychological and educational field that will be permanently aware of your needs.

Can I come out whenever I want?

Due to the delicacy of the detoxification stage, it is necessary that you are attended in a residential regime and totally focused on your detoxification in our Therapeutic Community. Once this stage has been successfully completed, we will create an individualized schedule of outings according to your personal and emotional situation.

What is the difference between a public and a private income?

Our treatments are individualized, therefore focused on your needs, regardless of whether you are admitted as a public or private patient.

What do I need to do to enter the center?

You need to be 18 years of age or older, and have a series of tests done. You can see the analytics on this page