Alcohol detoxification is a cruel battle that you are going to fight against the darkest and most sinister part of yourself, because the enemy has been invading your brain for a long time and will resist with its most aggressive strategies.

But this epic battle will allow you to discover a sleeping spirit that dwells within you and that can lead you to achieve such important things that you can’t even imagine now. All you have to do is wake him up and wait for him to recover from the last hangover.


If you have accepted your dependence on alcohol, have adopted the firm will to come out of that slavery, and are convinced that you will need help to achieve it, then you will have gathered the weapons that will enable you to wage the battle of alcohol detoxification with guarantees of success.

Winning this battle will allow you to get the key that opens the fourth door of the journey towards the exit of the labyrinth of your alcoholic life and you will surely get it.

All you have to do is fulfill the three requirements and wield your sword with a winning mentality. Otherwise, I recommend that you do not try, because you will suffer unnecessarily and end up toasting to your defeat with the enemy.


The battle you are about to wage is, first and foremost, an extraordinary test of endurance. It is the stage of this journey towards the exit from the labyrinth of your alcoholic life that will cause you greater suffering, both physical and psychological.

But it will also give you the most important reward and the greatest dose of well-being of the whole process, because you will come out of the battle feeling very strong as a person, perhaps for the first time in a long time, and you are going to start looking at life from a much more optimistic perspective.

When you have won the battle of alcohol detoxification and I am convinced that you will succeed, you will also have an unconditional ally who will stand by you from now on to help you approach life with a more constructive and positive attitude. That ally is your own self-esteem, a self-esteem that you had lost by leaving so much forgotten and that will be returned to you as part of the tribute of your victory.

Now the time has come to know well what the greatest difficulty that awaits you in the course of the battle of alcohol detoxification, because you should face it with the advantage of anticipation. That’s why I’m going to explain to you everything that I found in that journey, a journey that I made several times in round trips, until I managed to turn it into a trip with no return.


Abstinence syndrome is the set of physical and psychological disorders that you will have to deal with when you definitively stop drinking alcohol, that is, when you interrupt the supply of alcohol to your brain.

To understand well what awaits you in this part of the journey, the first thing you must understand is how alcohol interferes with the functioning of your brain, which is the organ responsible for your behavior and your feelings, to provoke the disorders that have turned you into its slave.

Alcohol is a powerful central nervous system depressant (CNS), that is, a substance that slows down the activity of the CNS, which is equivalent to saying that it acts as a powerful sedative or tranquilizer.

On the other hand, the CNS is the part of our nervous system that is primarily concerned with receiving stimuli from the outside world, processing the information received and developing appropriate responses in the form of nerve impulses.

When the CNS is long affected by the effects of excessive alcohol, our brain reacts by developing a response to adapt to the situation. This response consists of increasing the production of stimulant substances, such as cortisol, to counteract the depressant effect of alcohol and try to rebalance brain functions. This is called a neuroadaptation process, which consists of maintaining the balance of brain chemistry.

This way in which an alcoholic’s brain adapts and defends itself from the continued and elevated presence of alcohol in the bloodstream is the explanation for why it later needs the effects of alcohol in order to function normally.

The brain needs to compensate for the high presence of stimulant substances now produced in excess and encourages us to consume alcohol by sending very aggressive warning signals, which is the essence of abstinence syndrome.

By suddenly stopping alcohol consumption, our brain needs time to adapt to the new situation and readjust the production of stimulant substances.

While this readjustment of brain functions occurs, which requires several days, our brain remains overexcited, and the consequence of this is that a set of brain disorders are triggered that are known as the famous and feared abstinence syndrome.

I hope that after these explanations you have understood the importance and the need for you to receive pharmacological help before starting the process of alcohol detoxification. This help should be prescribed to you by a doctor who has previously evaluated you to determine your needs.

In short, it is a question of reducing to the maximum the effects derived from that cerebral overstimulation that is going to manifest with great aggressiveness while you recover the normality of your cerebral functions.