An optimum temperature in the home has a direct impact on the comfort of our home, so it is very necessary to have facilities that ensure energy efficiency, including an air conditioning and heating system that work properly. If not, in this article we offer a series of tips to repair your air conditioner.

There are many types of air conditioners for different demands and needs, there are those that produce both cold and heat (reversible), which can be moved (mobile split), which acclimatize a single room (fixed split) or an entire house (multi-split), there are also cheaper, but it is more profitable to purchase an air conditioner high energy efficiency with a heat pump to help us save energy and money every month.

All these air conditioners have something in common and that at some point may break down or suffer a problem.

Air Conditioning Problems and Repairs

The problems that can have an air conditioner are diverse, the most common are the following, as well as their possible solutions.

The air conditioner no longer performs as well as it did at the beginning.

It is important that the air conditioning system has minimum maintenance of its filters so that it can operate efficiently over time.

These filters are responsible for purifying the air that is taken from outside the room for both heating and cooling.

It is necessary to clean these filters frequently (approximately once a year).

The air conditioner smells bad when it is turned on.

There are two common reasons for this occurrence:

  • The inner coil of the air conditioning system has water condensation. This problem is not surprising if the air conditioner is only used in summer, its lack of use can generate moisture, even generate mold. This problem is not solved by cleaning the filters, but by the coil itself.
  • The bad smell can come from the air conditioning drain. This case usually happens of a lack of a siphon in the system, its correct installation will solve the problem.

In both questions it is advisable to contact a specialist to solve the problem, the battery is very difficult to clean, and it is possible, that the problem of the drain is more complicated than it seems at first sight.

In this case, you can contact an air conditioning repair company in Madrid or any other point in Spain, find a professional who will advise you correctly can avoid many problems that eventually affect the installation.

The air conditioner expels too much or too little water.

All air conditioners expel water when working properly. As a general rule, there is no need to worry about expelling too much or too little water, because the amount is due to the humidity of the room.

But special care should be taken when no water is ever expelled, this may mean that there is practically no humidity in the room, but it may also be that there is an obstruction that prevents the water from escaping.

If the water is expelled but splashed into the system, it is possible that there is also some kind of clogging or problem in the installation of air conditioning.

The air conditioner makes excessive noise

This can occur in both indoor and outdoor equipment, the main causes are two, lack of gas or oil in the compressor. The most practical solution in both cases is usually to purchase new air conditioning equipment.

The noise can also be due to problems with the cleaning and care of the filters, and in the case of outdoor equipment may be external problems, such as leaves, and branches … that extrude the air ducts.